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[edit] Benjaminstadt

Benjaminstadt is the capital of Wulgeria and headquarter of the Wulgerian Union.

[edit] History

Benjaminstadt was fonded in 150 by Josef Benjamin Jurij Stanislav Kruksek. Benjaminstadt has been capital of Wulgeria since wulgerias foundation in 1945. The city was also capital of the Grand Barony of Wulgria and Sauerkrusteinen from 1598-1900. Benjaminstadt has become the center of Juche-Songun-Socialism over all of Liberalia and Eurasia.Josef Benjamin Stanislav lives here.

[edit] Politics about Benjaminstadt

[edit] Tourism in Benjaminstadt

Benjaminstadt was opend for the world in 1985 when JBS desided to open it. Benjaminstadt got many good museums,gardens and hotels.

Photos from Benjaminstadt:

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